Aviagen hails VIV Asia success

04-04-2011 | |

Aviagen has declared the recent VIV Asia one of the best yet following a packed exhibition stand and a successful seminar programme.

With Aviagen’s three separate brands being represented, over 2,000 people visited the Aviagen booth over the three-day event. In total, over 30 Aviagen personnel attended the show, including the local brand teams and regional specialists, supported by senior corporate personnel. 

Bill Souther, Aviagen’s Senior Vice President for Asia, said the popularity of the show highlighted the ongoing growth in poultry production across the region.

“Our three brand teams and the nutritionist, veterinarian and geneticist working with customers in our region, were happy to meet many friends from Thailand, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan and other countries across Asia. We also noticed how many more visitors from Pakistan and India we had which is testament to the growth in poultry industry in these countries,” said Souther.  

“All our brands have their own merits and strengths, which is why we offer our customers a real choice that fits with their business model. We’ve seen a huge uptake across all the brands in the region and are particularly pleased with the growth in sales at Indian River, which is undergoing something of a resurgence at the moment.“

The Aviagen technical team also launched new Grandparent (GP) manuals for all brands. In conjunction, three farming forums covering Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross, were held to highlight the key points and provide a platform for open discussion. All were very well attended and provided an opportunity for customers to get a formal introduction to the new GP information and meet the three brand teams.

Source: Aviagen