Aviagen holds first ever seminar in Belarus

16-07-2010 | |

Aviagen has held the first ever poultry production and technical seminar in the Belarus Republic.

Representatives with a broad range of expertise from veterinary specialists to heads of production attended the event in Minsk. In total 12 Belarusian parent stock farms were represented.

The seminar was jointly coordinated with Belpticeprom, the exclusive distributor of Ross parent stock in Belarus. It was designed as a first opportunity for farmers in the country to establish a regular dialogue and to improve levels of technical support.

The event focussed on the fundamentals of poultry production, from hatchery practice and biosecurity to rearing periods and male management. Aviagen intends to repeat the seminar on an annual basis.

The event began with welcome speeches by Michail Petrashkevich, director of Belpticeprom, Yuri Fesin, a director of PPR Broiler’s grandparent site and by Tyark Osterndorff of Aviagen.

The seminar then led into a series of discussions from specialists in four key areas. Kruno Bosilj spoke about rearing periods in parent stock; Timea Torma broached the subject of good hatchery practice; Barrie Fleming covered biosecurity; and Paul Shkarlat conducted an interactive session on the importance of male management.

Following those discussions, Petro Kuretchko was introduced as the technical manager for all parent stock in Belarus. He conducted a discussion on light programmes.