Aviagen School thrives in China

27-04-2009 | |

Aviagen recently completed a week-long poultry management course in Beijing, bringing together participants from across China and Taiwan together to learn the latest information in all areas of poultry science and its practical application to managing successful breeder and broiler operations.

During the course, 100 attendees from 25 different poultry companies across China and Taiwan came together to learn from Aviagen professionals and industry experts through a series of presentations and open discussions.

Day 1 – Participants discussed feedback and topics from the 2008 Aviagen China School. Mark Wright, Aviagen technical services manager, then presented information on brooding management.  

Day 2 – Gu Min Qing, Technical Service Manager, China, presented on the study of male fertility, which was followed by a discussion on water quality by Rod Konrad, Aviagen technical services manager. The day ended with a lecture on Biosecurity in China by Zhang Xi Bei, Aviagen technical service manager in China.

Day 3 – Fred Kao, Aviagen technical services manager, discussed creating a comfortable breeding environment, followed by Dr Rafael Monleon, Aviagen veterinarian, who discussed proper vaccination technique.

Day 4 included a nutrition update from Dr Kim Huang, Aviagen nutrition specialist, and a presentation on female management by Marc Baribault, Aviagen technical services manager. In addition, Prof. Zhao Ji Xun of Beijing Agricultural University provided an update on poultry disease in China.

On the final day of the school, Guo Jun, an Aviagen technical services manager in Asia, began with a presentation on understanding the importance of hatch debris breakout. Following this, attendees divided into 3 groups to participate in an actual hatch breakout session. 

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist