Aviagen seminars to support customers in Ireland

16-03-2009 | |

Aviagen aims to demonstrate their commitment to providing technical support and practical advice by hosting a series of seminars Irish customers.

The seminars were organised jointly with Moy Park, Aviagen’s distributors in Eire, for their Southern-Irish customers, Carton Bros., Western Brand growers and Anyalla Chicks’ growers.

Stephen Bamford, Moy Park’s Grand Parent Manager: “We feel that events like these are invaluable to maintaining the strong relationships Aviagen has with its distributors and customers. Not only can we give our customers essential technical and practical advice, these seminars also give us the chance to gather vital feedback that helps us improve our different services and products.”

Lindsay Broadbent, Aviagen’s UK Customer Account Co-ordinator, addressed over 80 broiler farmers and representatives of Carton Bros.’ technical team in Monaghan on issues regarding broiler chick start to maximise growth and profit.

Seminars to breeder managers from most of Moy Park’s customers in different locations were designed to help maximise the performance of breeding flocks through advice on correct rearing procedures and management in lay to maximise persistency of production. Lively and challenging question and answer sessions followed all seminars, as well as quieter discussions on a one-to-one basis.

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