Avian influenza found on Taiwanese poultry farm

23-03-2011 | |

A low-pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza outbreak has been discovered in Taiwan’s Chiayi County, in the south of the country.

The affected poultry farm is located in Sikou township. The discovery came about during a routine  annual disease surveillance program. 

“The holding has been confined and disinfected,” stated Wong Yo-chu, director of the Animal Disease Control Center under the Chiayi county government. He also stated that his agency placed a ban on the movement of about 5,000 chicken studs on the farm to stop the virus from spreading.

Wong concluded that initial tests show the chickens have been infected with low-pathogenic H5N2, rather than high-pathogenic H5N1 strain. 

The farm is being disinfected and close attention is being paid to see whether there are further signs of infection at other surrounding poultry farms. Further investigations are currently being carried out. The cause is still unknown.
Source: Focus Taiwan