Avure Technologies appoints CEOs for two divisions

18-12-2013 | |
Avure Technologies appoints CEOs for two divisions

Following the announcement this year that Avure Technologies would be split into two distinct operating units: Avure Industrial Division, and Avure HPP Equipment and Services Division. The company has now announced the new Chief Executive Officers of each division

Effective immediately, Jeff Williams has been named Chief Executive Officer of the HPP Equipment and Services Division. Jan Söderström will assume the position of CEO of the Avure Industrial Division, having directed the strategic division of Avure Technologies into two separate entities.

Williams held various roles at RA Jones & Company for 25 years, the most recent being as Vice President of Sales and Marketing (2009-2013). He has a rich background in the global food and beverage industry that spans his entire career. With vast experience in packaging, automation, and product and business development, Williams will lead Avure HPP as it continues to serve existing markets, along with entering less traditional, emerging sectors.

“Dividing Avure Technologies allows each group to focus its strengths on customer service, new product development, and application support,” states Söderström. “Although the Industrial Division and HPP Equipment and Services Division share many attributes, they are much different in purpose and scope. Our industrial customers have very different needs than our HPP customers, so we felt it necessary to realign ourselves to better suit their needs. Jeff Williams will play a key role in steering our HPP division to the next level.”