Azerbaijani poultry producer grows own feed

26-09-2012 | |
Azerbaijani poultry producer grows own feed

S?ba, one of the largest poultry producers in Azerbaijani, has announced plans to produce chickens using feed of its own production. This year, the company started planting corn in order to reduce the material costs of quality forage, that was previously being brought from abroad.

“As a result of production of quality feed within the country it will be possible to decrease the cost of the production process and to sell the chickens at a better price for the buyers” the company stated. Səba’s corn fields will be located in the Area Agsu and Kurdamir of Azerbaijan. With an area of 400 hectares it is expected to harvest 5,000 tonnes of corn.

“Unlike other poultry organisations in the country, Səba, started to grow their own feed and also introduced a number of innovations in the field of agriculture. During the harvest it will use the most modern equipment of American manufacturing, which will surely bring good results” the company claims.

The use of artificial irrigation (PIVOT) is the most modern method of irrigation in agriculture. PIVOT allows saving water during irrigation. In addition, as a fertiliser for corn fields Səba uses bird droppings of its own poultry farms, efficiently using industrial waste as a natural fertiliser without causing harm to the environment.

“Starting next year, we plan to take on the production of large amounts of corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, and other feed components for our chickens. We are confident that, with growing corn, which has a significant cost, we will improve the quality of chicken meat and over time we will be able to reduce the price of the product on the market,” said Səba CEO, Zakir Azimov.