BASF showcasing at Poultry India 2012

28-11-2012 | |
BASF showcasing at Poultry India 2012

BASF is showcasing its extensive range of products, solutions, and concepts for more efficient and sustainable animal nutrition at this year’s Poultry India show in Hyderabad, India on November 28-30, 2012.

As a leading supplier of feed additives, BASF offers vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, and other specialty products for a single purpose: to improve poultry diets and achieve better livestock performance, animal welfare, and ultimately more sustainable production of meat and eggs.


“Our goal is to make a valuable contribution to the nutrition industry,”said Ms. Paramita Sarkar, Senior General Manager, Nutrition & Health Division, BASF South Asia. “Feeding India’s and the world’s growing population is an enormous challenge for both the feed industry and downstream food producers. By making animal nutrition more efficient and sustainable, we are helping to provide more food for more people, while at the same time conserving the earth’s resources.”

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