BASF starts up own enzyme production

05-07-2006 | |

Germany-based chemical giant BASF has started producing enzymes at its own production plant in Ludwigshafen.

The company acquired the exclusive rights from DSM to produce and sell the enzyme phytase under the trade name Natuphos®.

The BASF-DSM alliance developed Natuphos® to market readiness. Joint research and marketing activities have made Natuphos® one of the top selling enzymes in the animal feed industry.

BASF previously took over and integrated all activities formerly performed by DSM, including technological know-how, patents and joint development projects.

Natuphos® is manufactured by a resource-sparing biotechnological method called biocatalysis. The enzyme is produced with the aid of the mold Aspergillus niger.

Growing enzyme portfolio

The new plant is also used in the manufacture of two modified and improved enzyme products developed to help animals metabolise poorly digestible or undigestible carbohydrates.

Natugrain® Wheat TS, a new-generation, high-purity, extremely heat resistant and highly effective xylanase, promotes the breakdown of arabinoxylane. The latter is a structural component of all plant-based animal feed, especially wheat.

The enzyme beta-glucanase also underwent improvement. Marketing authorisation applications are being filed and launch is scheduled for 2008. The product will be sold in combination with Natugrain® Wheat TS.