Bayer teams up with Ashkan for African distribution

04-11-2011 | |

Ashkan Consulting, who has been developing and formulating products for some time now has strategically aligned with Bayer Animal Health South Africa to commercialise the Avi Boost range in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Avi Boost is an nutriceutical range of products that uses liquid nucleotide technology. The products within the range have been proven to significantly improve performance in poultry production.

Dr Ralf J. Patzelt, Business Unit Manager for Bayer Animal Health in Sub-Saharan Africa explained: “Nutriceuticals are highly specialised feed supplements that compliments Bayer’s current poultry products.” He continued to explain that, although nucleotides have been used in humans for some time now, it is a novel liquid concept in the use for animal health.

Ashkan Consulting, who is a member of the Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA), is run by Eddy Mehta. With more than 25 years’ experience in the developing and manufacturing of quality products for human, animal and hygiene companies, Mehta’s formulatory expertise made Ashkan the perfect partner for Bayer. “Working with a partner such as Ashkan, assists us in reacting faster in niche segments,” says Patzelt.

The Avi Boost range, currently available from Bayer, consists out of Poultry Tonic with Nucleotide, Nutri-block and Aqua-blok.

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