Belarus: Servolux plans to buy poultry complex Smolevichi

19-12-2011 | |

Servolux Agro, a poultry production structural unit of agricultural holding Servolux, the fifth largest producer of poultry in Belarus is planning to buy Smolevichi poultry complex, currently the largest manufacturer of poultry in the country.

According to experts this is the most ambitious acquisition in the poultry market of Belarus, which will create a new holding with a production capacity that will surpass competitors at least twice.

Rough projections suggest that by the end of 2011 Servolux will produce about 36 tons of poultry. As a result of new acquisitions, as well as the completion of the new complex in the Mogilev region in 2012, this figure could nearly triple – up to 110 tonnes per year.

One of the assets of Servolux in Belarus is the country’s largest manufacturing feed plant with a total capacity of 300 tonnes per year. The cost of the acquisition of Smolevichi poultry complex is unspecified – according to a rough estimate it can be about US $55 million.

The ten largest poultry producers in Belarus are as follows:

No.CompanyProduction of poultry meat in live weight in January-September 2011., In tons Pace over the same period of the last year, in %
1JSC “Poultry complex Smolevichi” 34,773 111
2JSC “Poultry farm Friendship” 33,811 114
3JSC “Agrokombinat” Dzerzhinsky” 31,671 132
4JSC “Vitebsk Broiler Poultry Farm” 30,339 123
5Branch “Servolux-Agro” CJSC “Servolux” 25,614 114
6Branch “Skidelsky Poultry” PUE “Skidelsky Agroprodukt” 21,078 103
7“Belorusneft-Osobino” 16,576 112
8JV “Vitkonprodukt” 13,260 163
9JSC “Poultry farm Rassvet” 7,450 121
10JSC “Komarovka” 6,975 178