Beneficial bacteria prevents poultry illnesses

21-05-2007 | |
Beneficial bacteria prevents poultry illnesses

Researchers at the University of Guelph say that beneficial bacteria, called probiotics, reduce illness-causing bacteria when fed to chickens, thereby promoting health and performance.

A team led by Professor Shayan Sharif, Department of Pathobiology, is studying the effect of probiotics on chickens’ intestinal linings, to determine how the bacteria interact with Salmonella, as well as how the overall health of the animal is influenced. Sharif aims to promote probiotics as a health-management tool for chicken producers.
“Once we understand how probiotics reduce Salmonella, the impact will go beyond academic achievement to become a valuable tool in the industry. Producers will have a way to prevent illness in chickens, and the risk of food poisoning from poultry products will fall,” said Sharif.
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