Betagro to raise chicken output by 40%

06-01-2010 | |

Betagro Group in Thailand will increase the production capacity of its chicken products by 40% this year. They expect a brighter outlook of poultry exports.

The additional production would support growing demands from existing markets and new destinations including Spain and South Africa. Betagro expects to export about 54,000 tonnes of chicken this year, up from 46,000 tonnes, shipped the previous year, says Jakkrin Taepaisitphongse, senior vice-president for production poultry integration of Betagro Group.

The expansion includes a new 600- million baht (18 million USD) cooked-products plant located at its second food complex in Lop Buri province. This will increase capacity of processed chicken at Ajinomoto Betagro Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co to 15,000 tonnes a month from 10,000 tonnes. Also capacity of BFI Broiler Farm Co will expand with 30,000 more chickens per week.


Ad Bal Freelance journalist