Bettcher introduces new Trimmers

21-10-2009 | |
Bettcher introduces new Trimmers

Whizard® Series II Trimmers from Bettcher Industries are designed for poultry applications to successfully transform traditional bone-in whole leg quarters into a high-margin, boneless dark meat portions – ready for stuffing or further processing.

This new, value-enhancing application creates a highly efficient method for optimising profits on an otherwise basic, low-margin product, according to Bettcher.

Using a single Series II Trimmer tool, the whole-leg deboning procedure is swift and effective. First, the operator uses the trimmer blade to expose the thigh and leg bones, and then trims away the thigh and leg meat as one piece, with or without the skin. Each dark meat portion is then ready for use in a variety of high-margin products.

Using this tool, Bettcher Industries says the entire debone process takes seconds, and an experienced operator can easily process 6 whole leg portions within 1 min.

The Whizard® Series II Trimmer line from Bettcher incorporates new, patented design elements to enhance operator productivity, safety and comfort in the deboning procedure. An enhanced gear mesh design contributes to smoother blade operation, while better proximity to the built-in steeling device button makes the blade-steeling operation quicker and more comfortable.

Series II Trimmer handpieces feature a contoured handle to reduce grip force and torque momentum. Operators can choose from five handle sizes, which are easily interchangeable. The handles are color-coded by size for easy identification, and are very comfortable – even during periods of extended use. A removable hand-strap provides operators with added control, while the flex-shaft/casing attaches to the handpiece using a simple two-action motion.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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