BioChek enters the US market

08-07-2011 | |
BioChek enters the US market

European-based BioChek, a worldwide supplier in veterinarian diagnostics, opened its North American headquarters in Scarborough, Maine.

The company was already present in ‘the Americas’ but never worked in and with the US market this close before. The North American BioChek office is managed by Tim Goode, Vice President and General Manager, together with his staff members Karen O ‘Connor and Gwen Slacum.

BioChek was founded in 1996 and currently is one of the largest suppliers of veterinary test kits in Europe. For several years BioChek has been occupied with the arrangement of US licenses. After accomplishing this mission, BioChek was ready to enter the US market. With their own establishment in Scarborough, Maine, BioChek becomes a playerin the suppliance of veterinary diagnostic test kits for poultry, pigs and fish.

Tim Goode, who has 17 years of experience in veterinarian diagnostics, leads the company in the United States. He takes care of the overall organization and coordination of the BioChek sales activities in the USA. Tim Goode expects that the BioChek ELISA test will be of great importance for the American veterinary industry. ‘What makes our tests unique, is that they are easy and ready to use. In addition we are the only company who offers reference control test validation’, he explains. ‘The only thing the US industry has to know about is, that we are out here’.
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