Biomin introduces new phytogenic products at VIV

16-04-2010 | |

A new product launch, two lectures and the chance to win an outstanding prize await Biomin’s customers and visitors to VIV Europe next week, 20-22 April.

As one of the leading trade shows for the animal production sector, the biennial VIV Europe sees over 21,000 visitors during its 3 days. Of this, close to 40% come from outside Europe.

This wide international reach provides an ideal platform for Biomin to introduce the newest product innovation in its growing line of quality phytogenic feed additives.

Biomin P.E.P. MGE offers the latest in essential oils encapsulation technology for the feed additives industry. Using a modern matrix-encapsulation process, heat-sensitive phytogenic compounds such as essential oils are successfully “trapped” and evenly distributed in a matrix-capsule. This technology enhances ingredient bioavailability and efficacy while avoiding problems of degradation from high temperatures and oxidation that often lead to an inevitable loss in feed quality. Product shelf-life is also extended as a result.

Besides higher stability, Biomin P.E.P. MGE also tackles the odour issue common in powdered essential oil additives. Active ingredients are gradually released in the digestive tract.

To mark the occasion of the launch of this new product, visitors to VIV Europe stand to win an exclusive invitation and all expenses paid trip to Biomin’s World Nutrition Forum 2010 in Salzburg, Austria this October. All they need to do is fill out a short survey form, available at the company’s A 040 in Hall 9.


Biomin experts will also be conducting two lectures at the accompanying conferences on the first day of the show, Tuesday, 20th of April 2010.

Poultry technical manager Mickael Rouault will speak on the mycotoxin effect in poultry in his presentation, “Leg problems in broilers and turkeys: any interaction with mycotoxins?” The lecture is part of the Technical Session and begins at 14.00 hrs.

Technical manager Dr. Tobias Steiner will present the topic “New feed strategies in meat safety” at 15.50 hrs, as part of the Meat Safety Conference.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance journalist