Biomin supports poultry science at the ESPN 2011

28-10-2011 | |

As an active player and partner in animal nutrition and science, Biomin returns once again in support of the 14th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, as the conference’s sole platinum sponsor.

Organised by the World Poultry Sciences Association, ESPN 2011 will take place from Oct 31 – Nov 4 in Çeşme, Turkey. Over 1000 expert delegates and industry players are expected to attend the high profile symposium, which will include topical issues related to nutrition and its interaction with feed technology, animal health and welfare for the poultry and egg industry and food safety issues.

“Performance, profit and planet – Animal nutrition in a changing environment” will be the theme of BIOMIN’s technical seminar at ESPN 2011. All ESPN participants are welcome to participate in this seminar. Topics to be explored will include:

 • Science to solutions for the poultry industry
 • Mycotoxin diagnosis in poultry: do accurate tools exist?
 • Influence of essential oils and organic acids on digestibility, focus on digestive enzyme

Biomin’s topical focus on triple P indicators and environmentally sustainable practices is a fitting one, as the company was recently awarded the internationally recognised ISO 14040 certification for its contribution in environmental management gains. With growing interest in the issue of CO2 emissions in agriculture, particularly livestock farming, there is a need for solid, scientific data to better understand the role of animal production processes in climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

In gaining the ISO accreditation, Biomin has also looked deeply into its own production processes, as any dialogue on sustainable practices must first and foremost be based on objective data and information.

“It has become obvious that the ecological footprint of livestock production can be significantly improved, and we are pleased that Biomin’s contribution to the debate has been recognised through certification,” says Biomin’s Director for Innovation Management, Franz Waxenecker.

Source: Biomin