Biorigin to invest $46 million in expansion plan

16-10-2007 | |

Biorigin, dedicated to the development of innovative solutions from yeasts and derivatives, has announced the investment of US$46 million until the end of 2008 in its Operations and R&D units.

Biorgin’s objective is to increase production capacity from 18,000 MT/year to 35,000 MT/year at the end of 2008. The $40-million investment in the productive unit is expected to double the fermentation, autolysis and also the drying processes, thus contributing to the removal of some productive bottlenecks.
The first phase of investments will be initiated in R&D unit that aims at the twofold increase of the already existing area. Approx. $6 million will be invested in the construction of two new buildings for the area.
One of the new buildings will be focused on fermentation to improve already existing processes, as well as to develop new processes contributing the work of constant search for ingredients with high added value.
The other building will hold the microbiology area and will be dedicated to the study and discovery of microorganisms aiming at defined functionalities or in the search for new applications.
The entire investment project in the R&D area of Biorigin deals with the construction of eight new buildings similar in size and with different specialisations.
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