Bird flu fear, chicks destroyed in Nepal

23-07-2009 | |

Due to the fear of bird flu, police in Nepal recently destroyed approx. 3,000 chicks that were smuggled into Nepal from India.

It is reported that the chicks were seized from Everest FeedFactory in Kapilvastu district, about 200 km southwest of capital Kathmandu, brought from Gorakhpur, India, through secret routes.

Apparently, Pipara Chandra Gaire, chief at Armed Police Force in the district said that the police acted as a result from a tip-off from the locals.

The import of livestock products from India, including chickens and eggs, has been banned in Nepal following an avian influenza outbreak in some Indian cities bordering Nepal.

District-based poultry entrepreneurs say the quarantine check post has done nothing to control rising cases of poultry import from India, according to reports.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist