Book: Exhaust Air Treatment

25-09-2008 | |

More pig and poultry producers throughout the world have become increasingly interested in solutions regarding house emissions that have been available for 35 years now, like classic biofilters, trickle bed reactors, chemical scrubbers and multiple-stage treatment techniques.

Now, this comprehensive overview endeavours to update and explain the latest about several of these techniques in 86 pages and 7 chapters, combined by some of Germany’s well-known scholars in this field.
Additionally, examples, cost aspects, permit procedures and certification tests receive a considerable amount of attention. The publication, as indicated in its preface, is the coordinated result of the KTBL working group ‘Status of Process Technology and Costs of Exhaust Air Treatment in Farm Animal Housing’. In the past, this group provided an incentive for the Germany-wide introduction of certification of exhaust air treatment systems.
Publisher: Association for Technology and Structures in
Agriculture (KTBL), Darmstadt, Germany
Title: Exhaust Air Treatment Systems for Animal Housing Facilities
Publication data: Darmstadt, 2008
Price: €20.00
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