BPC Turkey Research Conference in Feb

29-01-2008 | |

The British Poultry Council’s Turkey R&D Committee are holding a short conference on the 20 Feb at the Institute of Animal Health, Compton.

The conference will present the work done by the committee’s scholars together with discussions on some of the most immediate challenges to the sector.
The turkey sector is unique amongst the UK poultry industry in having a mechanism for combined research. The British Poultry Council’s R&D committee is a strength which has allowed the turkey sector to identify, research and solve many health and welfare issues, rather than pursuing solutions on a fragmented basis.
This conference will be of interest to turkey farmers, vets, and academic researchers. It is the Committee’s intention that the mini-conference will be of practical value those who attend.
The programme will include:
– Dr Francesca Day – Astroviruses and coronaviruses in scouring of turkeys
– Dr Fiona Powell – Histomoniasis and the differential survival of poultry
– Dr Paul Hocking – Understanding pododermatitis in turkeys; UK and EU perspectives
– Glenys Jones – Turkey as a viable source of the pluripotent wonder supplement: carnosine
– Prof Mark Stevens – Toward control of Ecoli and bacterial infections of poultry using novel 3R methods
– Harry Baillie, DEFRA – The National Control Plan for Salmonella and controlling zoonotic infections
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