Brazil and US compete for poultry markets

25-01-2008 | |

There is fierce competition to win over China’s export poultry market as Brazil and the US go head-to-head.

“In 2008, Brazilian processors want to export 150,000 mt of poultry meat directly to continental China. In 2007, Brazil exported to China, by way of Hong Kong, 357,000 mt, and part of this total will go to China directly,” Christian Lohbauer, president of Brazilian Chicken Producers and Exporters Association was cited as telling
At present, Brazil has 24 plants ready to export poultry to continental China, with Brazilian exporters planning to increase shipments by way of Shanghai in mainland China.
Brazil and US poultry exporters are also competing over Russia. This country imports approx. 1 mln tonnes of poultry products per year, with Brazil accounting for about  200,000 tonnes and the US 600,000 tonnes.
Brazil exported 3.287 mln tonnes of poultry in 2007, which is a 21% increase from 2.7 mln tonnes in 2006. In value, exports reached $4.976 bln, which is 55% up, says the Association.
“For this year, we expect growth around 8.61% or 3.570 ml tonnes in volume and 8.1% or $5.390 bln in revenue,” said Lohbauer.
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