Brazilian Perdigao acquires Dutch Plusfood

20-06-2007 | |

Brazilian poultry processor Perdigao is taking over Dutch Plusfood group. With this takeover Perdigao will be the first food processor from Brazil that gets a foothold on European grounds.

Plusfood, known in Europe for its Friki brand, is owned by Cebeco, also owner of poultry processor Plukon royale. The brand names Friki and Fribo (hamburgers made in Wrexham, UK) will also go to Brazilian ownership.
Annual turnover of Plusfood is €70 million obtained through sales of chicken products in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Perdigao is said to pay €30 million for the takeover.
Plusfood employs around 370 people, which, according to Perdigao, are to keep their jobs. Plusfood has three processing units, the largest situated in Oosterwolde, the Netherlands, a hamburger unit in Wrexham, UK and a third unit is situated in Constanza, Romania. These three units annually produce around 20,000 tonnes of meat products, mainly poultry.
Perdigao has an European office in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, and distributes monthly around 17,000 tonnes of meat (products) into Europe.
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