British poultry industry recognises excellence

07-12-2012 | |
British poultry industry recognises excellence

The British poultry industry celebrated outstanding achievements and potential for excellence during the British Poultry Council Annual Awards at the House of Commons.

BPC Chairman John Reed presented the awards with David Heath MP and Anne McIntosh MP and highlighted the unique contributions of each winner to the poultry industry.

“This year’s winners represent the diversity of the industry. Some are distinguished, dedicated, long serving colleagues and others are newcomers who have demonstrated a willingness and curiosity for training, scientific research and its practical application,” Reed said.

The BPC Awards recognise years of distinguished service, contribution to marketing, potential for future excellence and support for the industry. Reed also pointed out the key role of the British poultry industry in career and skill development:

“Our goal as an industry is to attract, recruit, train, develop and retain people. We’ve already done a lot with the Poultry Passport program, the Harper Adams scholarships and the poultry apprenticeships. Now, we need to focus on how we can attract young people in the industry,” Reed concluded.

David Heath MP, Minister of State, welcomed the industry’s celebration of excellence: “I’m delighted to take part in the BPC Awards and to meet outstanding members of the British poultry industry. The poultry industry is a vibrant sector with many career and skills development opportunities and I strongly support BPC’s efforts to attract new talent.”

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