Broad support for lorry disinfection at Dutch border

16-05-2007 | |
Broad support for lorry disinfection at Dutch border

Several agricultural organisations in the Netherlands support the idea of a standard disinfection of animal transport lorries at the border.

Sanitation and disinfection sites
Chairman Toon Wassenberg of this this last union last week urged for the creation of sanitation and disinfection sites at the Dutch border, ensuring a quick cleaning process once animal transport lorries come back into the Netherlands.
At the moment, this only is compulsory for lorries coming from areas where an outbreak of a contagious disease has been reported.
The NVV supports this plea, says its chairman Wyno Zwanenburg. ”I would like to create a plan for compulsory sanitation and disinfection of animal lorries when they enter the Netherlands.
“Across the border it is easy to create these sanitation and disinfection sites. Using an automated tracking and tracing system, this is easy to control.
“Animal transport lorries returning from abroad create the Achilles’ heel for Dutch livestock industry. This was proven in the past for several times. It is important for the industry to stand united to decrease this risk.”
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