BSF to stop poultry entering country

23-04-2007 | |

In efforts to prevent another outbreak of bird flu, India has directed its Border Security Force to stop people from bringing any poultry illegally into the country.

Myanmar has been battling with avian influenza since February. India’s Animal Husbandry Department has since stepped up poultry testing in recent weeks, especially in areas near Myanmar, and has also spoken to local village leaders to monitor poultry. Officials have also distributed leaflets in the border regions, asking people to remain alert against bird flu, as well as increasing the number of TV spots on the issue.
“We have spoken to the Border Security Force through the Home Ministry to stop people carrying poultry or meat products from Maynmar,” India’s Animal Husbandry Secretary Charusheela Sohoni said, adding that that backyard poultry, accounting for around 40% of the sector, poses problems.
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