Bulgaria pays compensation for culled poultry

24-07-2006 | |

Bulgaria is to pay compensation to bird owners that had their poultry culled due to the threat of bird flu last week.

The outbreak occurred in the village of Slantchogled, south of the country and a total of 1,500 chickens, turkeys and pigeons in the area were culled on Friday.

Bulgaria’s Agriculture Ministry announced that they will start paying out compensation to birds owners today (24 July).

Compensation for a hen will be about €5 and €10-€12.5 for every turkey. However the exact amount will depend on the size of the culled bird.

The government has aligned the compensations with the market value of the birds.

Although tests by Bulgaria’s National Referential Laboratory have shown that the bird flu strain found was not the deadly H5N1, they will still send a sample of the virus for examinations to England.

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