Business is booming in Arab egg markets

27-12-2006 | |

After only ten months of exporting to Arab nations, Brazilian egg company Naturovos says that the region already represents a quarter of the company’s total sales. This figure is expected to increase by a further 30 percent next year.

“It is a market that is growing very much and has great potential,” stated the Naturovos export manager, Anderson Muller Herbert.
Naturovos currently has four Arab customers, two in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, one in Qatar and another in Oman. “We export ten containers to them every month. The Arabs are great consumers of eggs,” stated Herbert. Each container holds 450,000 eggs.
One of the reasons for the anticipated growth is that up to the end of January, Naturovos is going to start selling yolks and whites separately to supply some food industries. Another novelty by the company will be the production of powdered eggs, to begin in September.
According to Herbert, Arabs are very demanding – with each egg shipped to the region requiring details of production date, validity, country of origin and name of the producer printed on it. Stickers are also put on the eggs with information about the product.
Currently, 65% of Naturovos’ production goes to the foreign market.