California Poultry Federation to mail AI brochures

11-09-2006 | |

Expanding its efforts to educate backyard flock owners about the threats from bird diseases, the Modesto-based California Poultry Federation is mailing educational material to about 9,000 backyard flock owners in three counties in the San Joaquin Valley, CA (US).

The mailings will inform owners about the recently established avian influenza hotline, a toll-free number for backyard flock owners to turn to with questions and concerns regarding their birds. Callers also can report sick or dead birds.

One brochure, “Avian Influenza: The Facts” provides important information about bird flu and addresses some common concerns and misconceptions explaining that avian influenza is an animal disease that is rarely transmitted to humans and is not a pandemic flu.

“Backyard Biosecurity Practices to Keep Your Birds Healthy” details how the implication of good biosecurity practices greatly reduces the chances of a bird disease infecting any flock.

The California Poultry Federation, a trade organization for the state’s commercial meat bird industry, has worked the past several years to strengthen safeguards against the intrusion of bird diseases and is offering its resources to those who raise birds for their own use.
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