Campaign – eat more chicken and eggs

19-06-2009 | |

Poultry products, including chicken and egg products, contain high and good nutrition value and are an excellent source of nutrients essencial for human health. Additionally, chicken and egg products are cheaper than beef and pork, meaning that ever level of society can enjoy the benefits that poultry products offer.

It comes as a surprise, then, that the reality in Indonesia, as well as in some other developing countries in Southeast Asia, is that the consumption rate of chicken and eggs is low: 4.5 kg of chicken/capita/year and 67 eggs/capita/year.

I believe that a campaign aimed at educating society about poutry’s benefits is urgently needed to increase the populrity of these roducts thereby increasing consumption, as well as the further development of the industry, particu;arlt in developing regions.

– What kind of strategy is required to run such a campaign?

– How can the giant poultry companies get involved in such a campaign?