Campylobacter infection in disinfected transport containers

04-01-2007 | |

Researchers have investigated the possible colonisation of the intestines and contamination of broilers after transport to the slaughterhouse with Campylobacter strains present in cleaned and disinfected transport containers.

The study sampled seven broiler flocks with a Campylobacter-free status once just before loading at the farm and once just before slaughter.
On both occasions, samples were also taken from the exterior of the birds and from the intestinal content. Transport containers used to transport the flock were sampled on the farm just before loading the birds. Campylobacter species were examined and, in total, 25 of the 35 sampled containers were Campylobacter contaminated, and 30 genotypes were found.
Three broiler flocks became colonised on the farm between initial status determination and transport to the slaughterhouse, and three Campylobacter-free flocks were externally contaminated after transport.
In none of the seven flocks was evidence found of intestinal colonisation or co-colonisation due to transport in Campylobacter-contaminated containers.
The study was published in the Journal of Food Protection Volume 70.