Canada: Bird flu movement restrictions lifted

07-04-2009 | |

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has lifted all remaining movement restrictions on birds and bird products in southern British Columbia.

No additional cases of avian influenza were found during extensive testing of commercial poultry in the area. Public health authorities took all precautionary measures as warranted and there was no reported human illness associated with this outbreak.

The movement restrictions were put in place following the discovery of low pathogenicity H5N2 avian influenza in a commercial poultry operation on 24 January, 2009. During the ensuing investigation, the CFIA declared a second operation infected on 11 February. All birds on the two farms were humanely destroyed and composted on-site in accordance with international standards and provincial environmental requirements.

Infected farms must remain under CFIA surveillance for 21 days following the cleaning and disinfection of barns, vehicles and equipment. Both farms have passed this 21-day period and are free to introduce new birds onto the property and resume regular operation.

As a final step in the outbreak response, the CFIA will conduct broader testing of poultry operations in B.C.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist