Canada invests in research to boost poultry industry

11-11-2010 | |
Canada invests in research to boost poultry industry

Canadian poultry producers and consumers will benefit from a Government of Canada investment aimed at helping the industry become more competitive in domestic markets and abroad.

Member of Parliament Ed Fast (Abbotsford), on behalf of Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, announced an investment of $1.8 million to bring together scientific expertise from academia, industry and government to address sector priorities and challenges concerning poultry health, food safety and quality, and production practices. 

Sustainable poultry farming
“This investment pulls together the best and brightest poultry scientists to help improve the competitiveness and sustainability of poultry farming,” said MP Fast. “This research will enhance production methods and foster innovations for high-quality products for consumers.”

The Canadian Poultry Research Council (CPRC), which represents poultry organisations across Canada, will manage this investment to address key priorities identified by the sector. Research will focus on strategies to enhance poultry health and welfare, new production practices, and innovative products including new vaccines to protect birds and people from diseases such as clostridia, salmonella, and avian influenza. By gaining a better understanding of diseases and developing alternative treatments, the industry will continue to provide nutritious and safe poultry products.

Strategic investment
“The Canadian poultry industry is pleased to be working with federal and provincial governments, universities and industry organizations across the country on developing the Poultry Science Cluster,” said Jacob Middelkamp, Chair of the CPRC. “This initiative focuses a wide range of intellectual and financial resources on key issues faced by our industry and is a significant step towards strategic investment in the future of the poultry sector.”

The Canadian poultry industry contributes significantly to the economy, generating farm gate receipts of over $3.2 billion in 2009 for all egg and poultry products.

The Poultry Cluster initiative is delivered through the Growing Forward framework under the Agri-Innovations program, a $158 million five-year program that supports industry-led science and technology projects. 

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