Canada: Poultry processing co and production co merge

21-03-2008 | |

Olymel LP, a Canadian poultry and pork processing company, has merged with poultry production company Groupe Westco Inc. in an effort to strengthen the poultry industry in the Canadian Maritime provinces.

“In an open market and a very competitive environment, the poultry industry should gain strength from this partnership, which brings together producers and operators with complementary expertise that will make the poultry supply chain for New Brunswick and the entire Maritimes more efficient,” said, president and CEO of Olymel, Réjean Nadeau, and president and CEO of Groupe Westco, Thomas Soucy in a prepared statement. “Producers, poultry industry workers, and consumers in New Brunswick and the entire Maritimes stand to benefit from the synergy created by the partnership between Westco and Olymel LP.”
As part of agreement, the two companies will develop and consolidate their poultry production, slaughtering, cutting and deboning activities for the entire Maritimes from New Brunswick.
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