Canadian farmer charged with unlawful marketing of eggs

07-06-2006 | |

A farmer from Spencerville, Ontario, has been charged with several offences under the Farmers Marketing Act.

The Egg Farmers of Ontario brought the charges against Shawn Carmichael and his wife Paula, who were involved in a tense standoff with police in March when the federal food inspectors raided their chicken farm.

The standoff ended peacefully after Carmichael agreed to hand over a dozen chickens, a crate of eggs and photocopies of some of his files.

The couple each face 11 charges under the Farm Products Marketing Act, including unlawful marketing of eggs and refusing to pay licensing and quota fees.

The Egg Farmers of Ontario, independent marketing board responsible for setting prices and quotas in the province, alleges that the Carmichaels were selling improperly graded eggs and ran the farm without quotas for the operation of 9,000 hens.

According to officials quota fees for the Carmichaels could be as high as $1.5-million.

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