Cancer vaccine based on Listeria

14-09-2007 | |
Cancer vaccine based on Listeria

Researchers are continuously searching for a treatment for cancer…a vaccine to treat and prevent it may be on the horizon.

Scientist and cancer survivor Yvonne Paterson, Ph.D., and her team of researchers appear to have taken a giant leap forward. They have developed a series of cancer-fighting vaccines that appear to have the ability to stop and possible reverse cancer growth.
Listeria monocytogenes are central to this discovery. This microorganism is suspected to aid in the fight against cancer by activating many simultaneous mechanisms of immunity, including the body’s own killer cells creating a strong immune response to the presence of cancer cells.
“The ability of Listeria vaccines to stimulate the body’s immune responses has been known for some time,” says Dr John Rothman, VP of Clinical Development at Advaxis, a biotechnology company. “The science has now allowed us to create a series of vaccines that may prove lethal to cancer, and yet, be safe in humans.”
“While it may be a few years before we complete the studies, the promise of a cancer vaccine is truly a milestone that we hope may be attainable,” adds Rothman.
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