Cargill introduces reformulated poultry feed

01-02-2011 | |

Cargill’s Nutrena brand is introducing a newly reformulated line of NatureWise poultry feed, featuring five new natural formulas specially designed to meet the needs of backyard poultry flocks.

NatureWise natural poultry feed is made without any chemicals or animal by-products. It is antibiotic free, with the exception of the Chick Starter Grower formula, which is offered in medicated and non-medicated forms. The new NatureWise line, for all types and ages of poultry, is specially formulated to support healthy chicken performance and enhance fresh egg quality. Every formulation contains a proprietary blend of nutrients to support the immune system, along with prebiotics and probiotics to support overall bird health.

“The realignment of our brands and the new formulation of our NatureWise products help ensure we are meeting the needs of today’s poultry consumers, many of whom consider raising their flock an important part of their lives,” said Lisa Weigman, Nutrena brand marketing manager. “Whether you’re looking for a natural feed or a reliable value line that is backed by a trusted brand, Nutrena poultry feeds use state-of- the-art technology and high quality ingredients to keep your flocks healthy and growing strong.”

The original NatureWise formulation is still available, but now under the Nutrena Country Feeds label.

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