Cargill launches “Eggs for Kids” program in Indonesia

25-11-2010 | |

Cargill Animal Nutrition (CAN) Indonesia has launched the Eggs for Kids 2010-2011 program in 6 provinces in Indonesia, such as West Java, Serang, Central Java, East Java, North Sumatera and South Sulawesi.

The program provides fun education to students about the benefit of eating eggs and the appropriate way to wash hands. The Eggs for Kids program leader, John Gultom, said that CAN Indonesia want to introduce eggs as affordable nutrition source to the community. “We started the program in 2009 by educating over 15,000 middle school students and introducing them to healthful concepts such as eating eggs. This is according to our company’s vision: Nourishing People, Enriching Lives,” he added.

Keith Belanger, Assistant General Manager CAN Indonesia also offered an opinion. He said, this program is not only great for the children, but also for our employees. “Our employee can improve their interaction to the community where CAN Indonesia facilities operate as well as improve their teamwork,” Belanger said.