Cargill now registered shareholder of UkrlandFarming

15-01-2014 | |
Cargill now registered shareholder of UkrlandFarming

Cargill recently became a registered shareholder of 5% stake in Ukrlandfarming, the largest Ukrainian integrated agricultural group.

Cargill and Ukrlandfarming operate in one business segment and want to enhance and develop their relationship seeking significant business opportunities, beneficial to both parties. ULF is working with Cargill’s grain division to satisfy Cargill’s particular needs for grains in Ukraine; Cargill on its side is providing financial terms to ULF which allows Cargill to secure supply.

Several other projects are discussed between Cargill and ULF including logistics. The companies will continue to work together to explore these projects given the importance and interest of Cargill in the market where ULF operates.

Cargill does not intend to secure or infer any involvement into operational activity of ULF. The parties are keeping the details of the transaction confidential.