Ceva launches new poultry vector vaccine at VIV Asia

15-03-2011 | |

At VIV Asia – held last week in Bangkok, Thailand – Ceva launched its poultry vaccine Vectormune HVT- NDV. This vecor vaccine protects against both Newcastle and Mareks disease.

The launch was being held at a symposium that was specially organised by Ceva during the VIV. Over 200 poultry specialists came together to discuss emerging issues and solutions in poultry health. Dr. Giovanni Cattoli, Director of  the Department of Research and Innovation, IZSVe, (Insituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale Delle Venezie), an OIE/FAO reference laboratory was one of the main speakers and emphasised that Newcastle Disease (ND) is still a serious threat to poultry producers around the world.  

High mortality rates
Newcastle Disease is endemic in many Asian countries and has become more pathogenic and widespread in recent years. The disease was therefore also a hot topic among the Asian poultry producers present at the show – considering that the disease can result in mortality rates up to 90%. 

Types of vaccination
Vaccination against ND can be done through different types of vaccinations: life, killed or vector vaccines. Vector vaccines are live micro organisms (bacteria or viruses) that are non-pathogenic or have a low pathogenity for the target specie and in which one or more genes have been inserted. This is quite a new way of vaccination. Because maternally derived antibodies do not affect its efficacy, vector vaccines like the one from Ceva can be given in the hatchery, in ovo or at day old and provide lifelong protection.

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