Chick Master to distribute Anolytech water disinfection technology

09-05-2012 | |
Chick Master to distribute Anolytech water disinfection technology

Chick Master and Anolytech officially signed an agreement for Chick Master to promote and sell the Anolytech water disinfection system for the poultry industry.

During a ceremony in Ystad Sweden, Catherine Ehrensvard, CEO of Anolytech Ltd, and Robert Holzer, President of Chick Master, officially implemented the agreement giving Chick Master the rights to introduce the unique Anolytech system to hatcheries around the world.
“This is fantastic new technology that will change the way hatcheries address sanitation.  We are a company that feels an obligation to offer more environmentally friendly alternatives, and this system can eliminate many of the harmful chemical products being used today in hatcheries around the world”, stated Robert Holzer.  “We are honored that Anolytech has chosen Chick Master as its sales and marketing partner for our industry.” 
Three simple ingredients
The Anolytech technology uses three simple ingredients:  ordinary table salt, water, and electricity.  The combination of highly acidic water and the electrical charge results in an effective attack on bacteria, mold, and mold spores.  The way this is accomplished, also prevents bacteria from becoming resistant to the electrically charged solutions giving a continual and efficient fighter to a common enemy in hatcheries.  The product itself is completely harmless and approved by the EU for disinfection of drinking water for veterinary medicine and food handling. 
“There are many different possible applications both inside and outside of the hatchery”,  Robert Holzer commented.  “Depending on the Anolyte concentrations, it can be applied for both cleaning and disinfection spraying such as in the egg room, setters, and hatchers.  This changes the way hatcheries will look at disinfection and the processes themselves that have not been altered for many years.”
Chick Master will be installing several of the units, being sold under the name “Enviromaster”, in hatcheries around the globe. They expect that It will not take long before many hatcheries and poultry companies will be using the Enviromaster as a new environmentally friendly way to prevent molds and bacteria from forming and rid the use and cost of harmful chemical products. 
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