Chicken back on shelves after poultry plant fire

02-07-2007 | |

Chickens, supplied by Arena Group, will soon be returning to Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) stores in Italy for first time in several months.

In April, DeCA’s fresh chicken supplies came to a halt after its processing plant in Castelplanio suffered extensive fire damage.
Christa Frentzel, the buyer in charge of non-US purchases for DeCA-Europe, said the same company will continue to supply fresh chicken products to commissaries in Italy under the same contract, but from a different plant.
The new plant, located in Bojano in south-central Italy, has passed inspection by a team from the Army’s 100th Medical Detachment.
DeCA spokeswoman Gerri Young said customers can expect to see the products again next week, on 9 July. It is anticipated that more products should be introduced as the processing plant expands its capacity.
Accordint to young, customers at seven DeCA facilities in Italy spend about $60,000 on poultry products each month.
DeCA increased supplies of Tyson frozen poultry products from the States when its fresh supply stopped. Young said stores will continue to carry those products as well, based on customer demand.
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