Chicken company ditches cardboard trays

26-08-2009 | |

All-natural chicken company Draper Valley Farms and organic retailer PCC Natural Markets have eliminated the use of cardboard in shipping fresh poultry to PCC’s nine locations.

Instead of using cardboard boxes which are discarded after each shipment, Draper Valley Farms now uses rigid plastic “nesters”.

These stackable trays are not just recyclable, they are reused, eliminating the need for cardboard shipping materials entirely and removing the need for labour to break down boxes.

Draper Valley Farms is the first all-natural poultry company to adopt a no cardboard supply chain by using reusable shipping trays.

According to a spokesman of Draper Valley Farms the use of the cardboard-free shipping method will eliminate an estimated 12,000 boxes per year.

The idea to use the stacking trays was copied from organic bread companies, who use similar reusable stacking trays.

 PCC Natural Markets is the first retailer to work with Draper Valley Farms on this cardboard-free, environmentally-friendly shipping initiative, which is planned to roll out to additional customers going forward.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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