Chicken price up 50% in Singapore

11-10-2007 | |

The price of chickens in Singapore has reportedly risen 20-50% recently, caused by the wholesale price hike from Malaysia, among other factors.

Singapore imports more than 3.4 million live chickens from Malaysia each month. The higher operating costs faced by farms, however, has sent prices into an upward swing.
The price of chickens at the markets has risen by between S$1.50 (€0.72) and S$3 (€1.45), while the price of frozen chickens increased by between S$1 (€0.48) and S$2 (€0.97) per kg.
The underlying reason for the increases in prices, according to Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) Singapore, is due to the price hike regarding poultry feed worldwide. Additionally, the festive season also translates into higher demand, thereby pushing the prices up even further.
The wholesale price of medium-sized chickens is around S$7 (€3.38), or S$8 (€3.86) for a large bird. According to a trader, this is an increase of about S$1 (€1.48).
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