Chicken sales on steep decline

16-07-2007 | |

The fear of bird flu in Vietnam has resulted in the sale of frozen chicken coming to a standstill in Ha Noi, despite promotions from the Government and related sectors.

According to market experts, Vietnamese consumers prefer buying whole fresh chicken from markets instead of frozen varieties, because frozen products don’t taste as good as fresh meats.
Some domestic producers are being forced to stop selling frozen food because no one is buying it in supermarkets. Some producers are selling fresh meat, but bird flu is still a major concern.
Japfa Comfeed recently opened a poultry plant which can process 24,000 hens and roosters per day. However, the factory isn’t operating at full capacity – it only sells 5,000 chicken products in a month. Apparently efforts by some producers to entice grocery stores to carry its frozen meat by providing free refrigeration units have failed to garner more sales.