China bans poultry products from Amazonas, Brazil

30-08-2006 | |

China has banned poultry product imports from the Amazonas State, Brazil, because of an outbreak of Newcastle disease there, according to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

Poultry products imported from Amazonas State after the outbreak of the Newcastle disease there should be sent back or destroyed, said the ministry in a joint statement with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
Brazilian scientists identified Newcastle virus on a farm in Amazonas State on June 21.
If ships, aircraft or trains travelling internationally were found with poultry products from Brazil while passing through or arriving in China, the products should be sealed, said the statement.
Poultry products imported illegally from Amazonas State should be destroyed under the supervision of quality and quarantine departments.
Newcastle disease affects many types of poultry at all ages and is fatal in 80-100 percent of cases.