China-Biotics signs poultry probiotic agreement

23-04-2009 | |

China-Biotics, a Chinese firm specialising in the manufacture, R&D, marketing and distribution of probiotics products, announces it has signed an agreement with Dabeinong Group to supply probiotics as bulk additives for poultry feed products.

Under the initial purchase order, China-Biotics will provide probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus and streptococcus faecalis. These bulk additives will be used in several of Dabeinong’s products and will help enhance the avian immune system and increase poultry survival and egg production rates in commercially raised poultry, says the company.

“We are delighted to supply probiotics to the poultry feed industry for the first time,” said Jinan Song, China-Biotics’ Chairman and CEO. “This agreement allows China-Biotics to enter an important new market segment, which we believe could become a significant driver of future growth. Improving the health and safety of commercial poultry is of the utmost importance to the Chinese government, as well as increasingly health-conscious consumers. We continue to demonstrate the appeal of our strong product quality and prompt technical support, which is enabling us to increase our market share in China. We look forward to cultivating additional long-term relationships with new commercial partners as we continue to expand the number of commercial applications for probiotics.”

China-Biotics expects that the demand for probiotics from the poultry feed market in China will increase to up to 2,500 metric tons by 2010.

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