China gives Indonesia a helping hand for bird flu

30-05-2007 | |

The Chinese government donated goods to the value of about US$900,000 to the Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture to control bird flu.

The goods, transported by air to Jakarta in April, are in the form of bird flu vaccines, injection apparatus, disinfectants, apparatus, serological and etiological diagnostic reagents, equipment and individual safety items. These resources are now being distributed to four provinces in Java Island namely Banten, West Java, Central Java and East Java.
“I hope the grant assistance from the government of China can motivate and enhance the capacity of field officers of local governments, particularly in the distribution areas, mostly in provinces of Java Island,” said Dr Anton Apriyantono, Minister of the Agriculture of Indonesia.
“The Chinese government is willing to offer assistance to Indonesian government and people in the campaign of anti AI within capability. We hope both sides go on improving cooperation and communication in the field of AI prevention and treatment,” said Lan Lijun, Chinese ambassador to Indonesia.
These goods are just first shipment sent by China. In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chinese and Indonesian government, China will still provide a grant of 20 million RMB (US$2.6 million) to Indonesia for the control programme.
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