China open to Indian farm & poultry products

23-04-2007 | |

China will soon be opening its market to Indian agriculture and poultry exports. China and India together have 1.5 billion farmers.

India’s commerce and industry minister Kamal Nath: “China’s agriculture is only 10% of their GDP, whereas ours is 24% of our GDP. They are major importers of agri-products. We are working with the Chinese government to ensure that in the next couple of months, they open up their markets to our agriculture and poultry exports.”
During his recent visit to China, the minister asked the Chinese agriculture minister to remove restrictions (like sanitary and phyto sanitary measures) on farm sector imports from India.
China currently imports a major portion of food products from countries like New Zealand, which are unable to meet their demand. According to the minister, India would be a leading farm products exporter.