Chore-Time introduces new drinker line products

04-11-2009 | |

Chore-Time has recently introduced a new drinking system regulator as well as a new folding stand tube for drinkers.

The new Chore-Time regulator’s simple design is easier for users to manage, install and maintain, according to the company. Designed for long, reliable service, the regulator requires less pressure to seal than other regulators, resulting in less wear on the sealing mechanism.

Simple-to-use, top-mounted knobs are used to activate the “regulate” or “flush” modes for each drinker line, while a bottom knob is used to adjust the operating water column at each regulator. A model compatible with Chore-Time’s PDS™ Drinker Control is also available.

The new, large-diameter, folding stand tube from Chore-Time folds to protect both the tube and the ceiling during house clean out. The rigid PVC stand tube requires no spring for support, making the water column easier to see and helping the tube to stay cleaner, says Chore-Time. The large-volume pipe removes more air from the watering system than smaller diameter tubes.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist
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